We follow the trends in children's education
We choose effective methods and experienced specialists
We lead your children to achieve results


Unique books


Dynamic lessons

Experienced teachers

Effective programs

We guarantee protection and safety of your children
Our books develop logic, attentiveness, memory, speech, perception and reading
Every class consists of up to 6 people
Our techniques develop skills for fast and high-quality perception of information
Only certified teachers work with the children
The authors of our programs are experienced professionals from Oxford, Moscow State University and Birmingham


Your child can surprise you and the whole world!
We develop thinking flexibility in children of 5-17 years
Online and offline classes

-20% for all programs until the 30th of January 2021



Development of reading skills and instilling a love of reading, as well as replenishment of vocabulary and the ability to understand texts quickly.

Development of intelligence and perception in English through informative tasks and games.

Development of "flexible skills" within 6 directions: attentiveness, logic, reading, memory, perception, speech. Children complete all tasks with a time limit.

A set of workbooks with exercises for the development of logic, thinking, attentiveness, creative skills. The child can complete tasks independently.

A way of teaching mathematics in which children can clearly see the composition of numbers. This helps children learn addition and subtraction quickly and correctly.

Comprehensive development of cognitive skills and improving performance in school subjects.
The program includes work on 3 training textbooks.

SAPSAN Education is an international team of authors and developers of scientific-educational technologies, programs, and books for children and teenagers. It is a network of educational centers in different countries

For children aged 8-17

For children aged 8-17

For children aged 8-17
For children aged 5-10
For children aged 8-17

For children aged 4-6

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Who has developed your methodology and where?
The technique was developed in Kazakhstan by an international team of specialists from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Oxford, and Birmingham commissioned by the Kazakhstan Educational Fund for Innovation and Development.

Is there a trial lesson?
Instead of a trial lesson, SAPSAN provides testing to assess readiness for learning where your child can see and do the learning activities.

Tell us the time and day convenient for you to visit and we will be happy to invite you and your children to test the SAPSAN program.

What skills will my child develop by the end of the course?

6 changes you will notice in your child:
1) Self-discipline: the ability to manage time rationally
2) Speed: read quickly, quickly work with information
3) Logic: make deliberate decisions and develop an analytical mind
4) Memory: memorize 2 times as much information
5) Erudition: read 50 useful and interesting books during training
6) Attentiveness: the ability to concentrate on a specific task

Do you guarantee the learning outcomes?
The uniqueness of the SAPSAN program lies in the fact that results are recorded at each lesson – the number of tasks the child did, the number of those completed correctly. The results are entered into an online diary, in which education progress is automatically calculated. Achieving a high result depends largely on the child himself – his or her motivation and constant skills' training. It is also extremely important to attend classes without interruption.
What is the medium of instruction? How many times a week are the lessons conducted?
Classes are conducted in Russian and Kazakh languages. There are groups with both Kazakh and Russian languages of instruction. Classes are held twice a week for 60-90 minutes without a break.

"My daughter started having problems with her studies, she became not very attentive, and my friends advised me to the Sapsan school, we decided to take the course" The Speed of Thought ", after a month of study, my daughter's performance noticeably increased, the teachers at the school began to praise the child. I want to say a huge thank you to the Sapsan school for their work and contribution to the education of my child "
My daughter was already 6 years old when we sounded the alarm that she reads very slowly and does not understand the essence of what she read. On the Internet, then I found a lot of speed reading courses, but they taught only fast reading at Speed. And then I came across the Sapsan school of intelligence development, they offered the course "Reading Technique", in this course they taught not only to read quickly, but also to understand what they read. After 2 months of training, my daughter was already happy to choose books herself as a gift, and read them avidly. I am very grateful to the Sapsan teachers for the fact that my daughter cannot be taken away from her books !!!
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